Top 7 Historical Places in Dubai’s You Must Visit

Top 7 Historical Places in Dubai’s You Must Visit

Explore the beautiful historical places in Dubai that you would want to visit in the coming year.

Have you ever wondered what Dubai was like in the past? The skyscrapers and attractions we see today were once just barren lands. However, since then, the city has continued to develop and is now  a region with a rich cultural heritage. So when you're in Dubai, don't just think about shopping. Explore the city and immerse yourself in its rich history, heritage and historical places in Dubai. Here's a list of Dubai’s historic places to visit to get a glimpse of life in Dubai before the oil boom. 

Dubai old town - Traditional Historical place in Dubai
Dubai's Old Town provides insights into Emirates' daily life  before Dubai's economic and tourism boom. Dubai's Old Town has a traditional market, restaurants serving authentic cuisine, and  the ultimate Emirates experience.  

Al Fahidi Historical District - Ancient Historical place in Dubai
Take a walk in ancient Arabia while exploring the historic Al Fahidi district. Immerse yourself in historical arts at the  XVA Gallery or visit the Sheikh Mohammed  Cultural Understanding Center to learn  insights into Arab culture, past beliefs, lifestyles, and other historical sites in Dubai. 


Al Badiya Mosque - Cultural Historical place in Dubai
The Al Badiya Mosque is considered being the oldest surviving mosque  in the Eastern Emirate of Fujairah. It was built in 1446 and is called the Ottoman mosque because it was influenced by the  culture of the Ottoman Empire. Located on a hillside, decorated with traditional palm mats on the inside and stoned on the outside, this mosque is the oldest attraction in the United Arab Emirates. 

Qasr Al Muwaiji - Royal Family Historical place in Dubai
Located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Qasr Al Muwaiji is a fortress over 100 years old. Built by  Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa, the First's son, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Khalifa, it is the birthplace of the royal family in the United Arab Emirates. Decorated with images of the past, this fort gives a glimpse into the beginnings of the founding fathers of the United Arab Emirates and their way of life. 

Almaktor Fortress - Historical Castles in Dubai
If you like fortresses and castles, visit  Abu Dhabi's Almaktor Fortress. The United Arab Emirates fortress was used as the first line of defense against hostile groups, such as bandits. This fortress has a history of 200 years and is now on a rocky island connected to the mainland by a modern bridge. Finding the  location of the fort is said to be difficult, so take out the map and wait patiently! 

Diva Village - East Coast Historical place in Dubai
Diva, a village on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates and adjacent to Oman in the adjacent United Arab Emirates, was an important place for sea traders in the early 1000s and early 1970s. As a natural paradise, this little village has a lot to offer archaeological hunters within you. The village of Diva is one of the historic must-sees of the United Arab Emirates, with history engraved throughout the village and carefully preserved relics from Iran, India, and China. 

Dhow Yard Ajman - Transportation Historical place in Dubai
Another historic site associated with the dawn of international trade and transportation, the Dow Shipyard in Ajman, is still active. Dhows, wooden vessels used to transport people and cargo, were a key element of the rise of the UAE economy in the early 19th century. Get a glimpse of how these old wooden boats are made and learn about the various traditional shipbuilding practices  used in the early 19th century.

With hundreds of attractions across the country, this list is compiled to add  culture to your visit to the wonderful countries of the United Arab Emirates. Even if you're not a tourist, you can visit  Dubai and the historic sites and buildings of the United Arab Emirates to learn new things that you couldn't find otherwise. It also makes it possible to foster broader gratitude to those who lived before us.

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