Reasons to Buy Off-Plan Properties in Dubai | Gold Mark Real Estate

Reasons to Buy Off-Plan Properties in Dubai | Gold Mark Real Estate

When considering where to invest your money, consider the real estate market in Dubai. Thanks to the city's developed infrastructure, stable government, and expanding economy, real estate in Dubai is one of the best options.

The city of Dubai has rapidly risen in status to emerge as one of the world's most modern and prosperous metropolitan cities. In light of the recent January 2021 report of record sales, Dubai is safe to say that it is on the path to smart recovery and prepared to live up to its name.

Dubai's real estate market has seen a rise in interest from serious purchasers and foreign buyers worldwide because of the city's many investment opportunities, including the chance to purchase pre-construction apartments at discount prices. The city is a great place to do business because it is a central hub of industry and trade. 

Whether to purchase a constructed house or an off-plan property value is a common source of stress for investors. Understanding the advantages of both options is essential so that you may make a well-informed choice based on your own financial and investment objectives.

Investing in Dubai's off-plan/under-construction properties makes sense for many reasons, and the best real estate agents in Dubai, at GoldMark Real Estate, have compiled some of them below in the blog. 

Let's Know More About Off-Plan Properties

Off-plan real estate consists of developments that have been announced or are only in various stages of construction. Contact the best real estate brokers in Dubai at GoldMark Real Estate to invest wisely in the best neighborhood at cheaper rates. 

Why Should One Invest in Off-Plan Properties in Dubai?

1. Tax exemptions on Property Investments in Dubai
Dubai's tax-free status is the primary draw for many investors. The tax exemption on properties in Dubai is a significant selling point for the city as a place to invest money. Compared to some other top regions in the world for investors, the government of UAE announces the best policies and regulations for foreigners. 

You don't have to pay taxes on buying, selling, or renting a property in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best real estate agents in Dubai to understand market analysis and investment opportunities.

2. It's Time to Save Your Money
If you invest in an off-plan property in Dubai, it's apparent that you can get the property at much cheaper rates. It also enables purchasers to choose among the finest units available in a specific complex. This is crucial in ensuring they get the most out of their money. Developers may provide a variety of payment schemes for pre-construction properties.

The initial investment is also modest since many developers only ask for a 5% down payment, with the balance tied to the completion of the building. The value of your off-plan real estate investment will increase significantly after it is completed and put into service. You may avoid the risk of market swings by purchasing an off-plan house in the city for a fixed price. Therefore, if the value of real estate increases, you won't have to raise your payments even if the value of the property you purchased has increased.

3. A Satisfying New Residence
All of us, despite our best efforts to deny it, experiencing something new is always exciting. Having something that has never been used before is relatively rare and rewarding, whether it's a brand-new automobile or a brand-new house. 
What you receive with an off-plan property is a property not only new but also up-to-date in terms of design, technology, and the conveniences and comforts of modern living. So, our best real estate company in Dubai will make your investment process easier and interesting with the complete guidance and up-to-date information. 

4. Innovative Design and Up-to-date Construction
The past few years have dramatically changed consumer behavior as we adapt to fast-paced technological developments, lifestyle, and real estate. Developers are always taking what they've learned from previous projects and applying it to new ones to maximize the utilization of available space for the greatest possible advantage.

Ten-year-old housing might not have furnishings suitable for our needs in 2022. Therefore, purchasing a house before it is completed allows the buyer to customize it to their exact specifications. An apartment building that provides a co-working area or a meeting room for its residents is an excellent example of a developer that considers its customers' demands. 

These amenities are common in Dubai's high-rises as they have been warmly accepted since they allow residents to meet individuals who share their interests and foster a sense of community. It's the same with conveniences; although many brand-new apartments include smart home systems, fitting them into older properties is significant since the notion did not exist before.

The developer has the freedom to include breakthroughs in building processes, materials, and interior design between the date the project is launched and the time it is handed over.

5. Easy and Flexible Off-Plan Property Plans
Off-plan projects often include payment options that correlate with the duration of construction so that you may spread out the expense over time. The booking cost for many Dubai off-plan developments is just 5% to 10%. In certain instances, the DLD charge is either totally or partly waived off, providing significant savings to the buyer. The real estate brokers in Dubai will guide you how to get the benefits of flexible payment plans while investing in Dubai properties. 
The ability to make payments years after taking possession of a house is unique to construction projects; ready-to-occupy homes don't provide this option unless you use a mortgage with an interest rate. Most builders of new homes will work with buyers to establish convenient payment options. It facilitates the purchase of such homes by investors. Offers and discounts on buildings still in the development phase are common among developers. For investors, this means even better value.

6. Safe and Secure Off-Plan Properties with Goldmark Off-plan purchases in Dubai are risk-free. The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Body has established a set of rules to protect buyers from problems like project delays or cancelations. Developers may only have access to the deposits made by buyers into their regulated accounts once they reach certain building milestones. 

Off-plan investments are risk-free since the developer is in charge of building the property. The investor's sole responsibility is the first payment; the developer will handle everything else.

7. Good ROI Benefits  Dubai's economy is rapidly expanding, making it one of the world's fastest-growing cities. Investing in a building before construction starts has the bonus of providing the most significant possible return.

This is because property values rise steadily throughout a building project. And once the project is done successfully, it may be sold for a profit or leased out to provide ongoing revenue.

8. Customized Off-Plan Properties  When a property is purchased while still in the building phase, it may often be modified to suit the buyer's needs better. Additionally, the unit is fresh and new due to no likelihood of encountering any maintenance concerns. Villas and apartments alike will allow buyers to select and choose the apartments with the most significant features and advantages and supervise minor to substantial alterations.

It's common for off-plan developments to include some degree of personalization, whether it's the option to choose your paint colors, flooring materials, or kitchen layout. So, contact the best real estate agency in Dubai for the complete understanding of property market analysis and best locations with amenities.

9. Capital Benefits Property values in the construction phase have historically increased at a rate greater than those of finished buildings. It is due to the constantly high demand and limited availability of homes in the building phase. Dubai prices for real estate will continue to grow as demand increases.

Property market appreciation is influenced by several factors, including the desirability of the surrounding area. If you buy an off-plan property in a neighborhood that is still developing but has the potential to become a desirable place to live, your investment will rise as the area develops. If the demand for the project has increased, investors in off-plan properties may potentially make a quick profit by selling the properties before they are finished.

10. Profitable Sale of Off-Plan Projects Even Before Completion Early backers might get a high return on their money even before the project is finished.

An early investor advantage is making money without paying the full payment. 

Variety of Off-Plan Properties in Dubai

 The off-plan property market in Dubai is alive and well, with developments everywhere, from the wildly popular Downtown Dubai to the new communities springing up on the outside of the city. As a result, today's off-plan purchasers have more options than ever, whether they're looking for a particular area, price range, or house style.

Don't know where to invest your money? Explore some of the most popular off-plan properties in Dubai

How GoldMark Helps You to Choose the Right Off-Plan Properties in Dubai?
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The best real estate agency in Dubai, GMRE,  consistently ranks as one of the best real estate developments in Dubai, beating its competitors like Emaar, Meraas, Damac, Sobha, and others. Our history of prioritizing the return on investment of our clients' purchases speaks for itself. You can rely on us to use our in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market to evaluate potential investments and provide sound advice.

We will also inform customers about flexible payment options and low-interest rates that work with any budget. Our business operations can handle customers worldwide and accept payments in a wide range of currencies.  ?

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