Dubai Property Sales Hit $6.6 Billion in August 2022 | Gold Mark Real Estate

Dubai Property Sales Hit $6.6 Billion in August 2022 | Gold Mark Real Estate

Residential properties in the UAE remain a focus for foreign investors. Research has linked the rise in demand mainly to the government's tax-free initiatives and the relatively high standard of living.

The government is committed to reforming the employment system and providing competent professionals with the most loyal circumstances for migrating, which speaks well for the future profitability of real estate investments.

Experts in the luxury property market have created a profile of the city's ultra-high-net-worth home buyers. Most purchasers are high-net-worth individuals from other countries or executives, proprietors, or shareholders of significant corporations operating on a global scale.

Dubai's real estate market is growing with the increase in sales transactions recorded in August 2022. It has broken all the 20 years' records and has remained an all-time high investment. 

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Increased Sales of Properties in Dubai- All Records Broken

According to the report of Arabian Business, regarding the total number and value of sales, August was the best month in the last 12 years. In August, 9,720 properties in Dubai were sold for a total of AED24.3 billion.  Volume increased by roughly 37.1% month-over-month and 69.6% year-over-year in August compared to the previous year's time. The total number of sold-ready homes increased by 27.4 percent from July 2022,  reaching 67.5 percent.

The average value of transactions rose by around 6.7% month-over-month and by almost 57% year-over-year. There were 4,392 houses sold in the off-plan market for AED8.5 billion, the most significant monthly volume in the off-plan market in the last 12 years. The numbers show that interest in real estate is on the rise. Not only does this hold for homes purchased for personal use, but also financial purposes. 

Another great reason to invest in the city is that many people regard it as a great location to stay in the future. When you buy a home in Dubai, you may immediately begin renting it out and, if required, move to the city after you've obtained a residency visa.

Choose the Best Real Estate Agents in Dubai for Investment

Whether searching for a luxurious apartment or a nice and comfortable home, our real estate brokers in Dubai will guide you about everything you need. Many of the city's neighborhoods may be profitable real estate investments. Now is the right time for individuals interested in finding the finest regions to invest in real estate in Dubai. The reason is that the market is currently in favor of buyers.

Dubai is unlike any other city in the world when it concerns property. Being one of the most secure cities in the world, it also provides an unmatched quality of life. 

The Emirate is a paradise for investors because of the many innovative metropolitan projects and creatively built residential complexes.

The time to purchase real estate in the United Arab Emirates is now. Over the last five years, the market has expanded remarkably. Moreover, Real Estate in Dubai 2023 is expected to maintain its rapid expansion. Dubai's property market is currently experiencing strong demand, meaning that new listings will be delayed. 

In the eyes of the investor, it is an excellent time to buy property in Dubai. This is so because property values are reasonable. In addition, the cost of living is far lower than in virtually all of the world's top 25 largest cities. 

3 Popular Real Estate Properties in Dubai for Investment

Apartment buildings are the most popular option for property investment in Dubai. Dubai Marina, International city, DAMAC Lagoons, Downtown Dubai, JLT, and Dubai Silicon Oasis are among Dubai's most sought-after real estate markets.

Buyers preferred residences in well-established neighborhoods. Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, DAMAC properties, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Jumeirah Village ranked first in the number of searches.

You can get a chance to invest in these popular areas by contacting the best real estate company in Dubai, GoldMark Real Estate, according to the latest market trends. 

1. Dubai Marina- A Popular Area for Investment

The western section of Dubai is home to a neighborhood called Dubai Marina. Real estate values here are second to Downtown solely because of the area's reputation as a luxury resort. 

It would be hard to find anything more well-known than the Dubai Marina region, known for its exclusive buildings and boats floating imposingly through the canals. It is thus a favorite destination for visitors and Instagram-loving bloggers.
There are several apartment buildings, penthouses, flats, and even villas to choose from in the Marina Dubai neighborhood, so it's crucial to depend on facts and figures when making a final decision.

It's not only impressive but also quite convenient to have a property in a highly sought-after district of Dubai. It includes having all the conveniences of a luxury setting at a reasonable cost by living in the heart of Downtown. In addition, after you've invested in a home here, you may either earn money by renting it to visitors or selling it at a profit.

Construction firms and real estate agents in Dubai Marina devote a significant portion of their efforts to selling property in Dubai Marina due to the area's high demand for homes. Foreigners may purchase homes in Dubai Marina with relative ease.

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2. Luxury Apartments in Downtown Dubai

The 'center of today,' Downtown Dubai, is where you'll find the popular shopping malls and all amenities in the neighborhood. Downtown's high-rise flats are noted for their lavish amenities, but Old Town's cottage-style homes have earned the community a reputation for warmth and charm. The Burj Khalifa, one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, ensures the area's continued appeal.

Living in Downtown Dubai is a dream come true. The solid secondary market for Downtown Dubai apartments means that their higher asking prices do not diminish their attraction.

 Since most of the city's banks, retail malls, and office buildings are located here, this area is sometimes referred to as "the commercial section of town."

Located in the center of Dubai, it is the most significant building project in the Emirate. There are three world-record-holding attractions in this city: the tallest structure (Burj Khalifa), the biggest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), and the most extensive dancing and singing waterfalls (also in Dubai).

Because of its convenient position near the city's main transportation hubs and entertainment districts, Downtown Dubai is a hotspot for international investors. In addition, you may purchase 100% ownership of a piece of real estate by contacting the real estate brokers in Dubai. 

3. Rent, Buy, or Sell a Property in DAMAC Hills

A DAMAC Properties development, DAMAC Hills 2 in Dubai is an eco-friendly, self-contained residential complex.
Its clusters of residences and parks make it a top choice for those seeking a more sedate pace of life in Dubai. It's no surprise that DAMAC Hills 2 is a popular choice for apartment renters because of its convenient location and reasonable rates.

Many renters are drawn to the DAMAC Hills 2 townhouses and Dubai villas for sale because they provide a peaceful alternative to city living. In addition, many of the villas and townhouses available for rent are equipped with contemporary conveniences at affordable prices.    

If you also need a peaceful getaway, this area offers many options. Four motorways go through the site and link it to the center of Dubai, making getting around the city a breeze.

Due to these reasons, DAMAC Hills 2 is a wonderful place to invest in rental property. DAMAC Hills 2 is a growing development, so it shouldn't be hard to locate a home that suits your requirements. 

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Dubai- One of the Best Options for Real Estate Investment

More individuals are eager to invest and purchase in Dubai's real estate market because of the city's attractive real estate pricing and convenient payment options. Depending on their preferences, investors seeking to purchase real estate in Dubai might either discover a buyer's or a seller's market. 

Prospective investors will find that buying property in Dubai is easy and smooth. If you wish to invest in real estate in Dubai, you won't have to worry about any burdensome paperwork or particular permissions. Instead, if you compare the United Arab Emirates to other regions of the world, you will find that investing in real estate there is far simpler.

Dubai's residential neighborhoods are more established, which is another compelling argument for buying property here. In addition, purchasers know what to expect from the home. Because of this, the investor is now comfortable making future property purchases in Dubai. And the real estate agents in Dubai can create a difference for you by choosing the best real estate properties in Dubai at affordable rates. 

Record-Breaking Real Estate Trends in the Dubai Market

The demands of homebuyers and investors in Dubai are ever-evolving, and so is the city's real estate market. Projects are being developed with the hopes of satisfying customer needs. 

New records are set in Dubai's real estate market almost every month.  GoldMark Real Estate is the place to go if you want to purchase a home in Dubai. Our experts at the best real estate agency in Dubai, GoldMark, will provide recommendations for the most profitable real estate investments and explain the market complexities.

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