Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai You Must Visit

Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai You Must Visit

In this article you will be focusing on restaurants with specific dishes from Indian food.

Indian restaurants in Dubai include a variety of traditional and cultural dishes native to the subcontinent. Due to the diversity of ethnic, cultural, and social groups, all Indian cities offer their delicacies. Whether you are North Indian or South Indian, you want to eat Indian food everywhere. Are you visiting Dubai? Would you like to stay in Dubai? If so, you can find the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

If you are looking for a comfortable meal or non-vegetarian meat dishes, there are many Indian restaurants in Dubai. The streets of Dubai offer you an exquisite experience and even a gastronomic experience and of course an Indian touch. With Dubai mainly populated by immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have no lack of culture that can be expected as if they lived in their homeland of India. 

All you need is the urge to fill your stomach with a spicy taste. Of course, Dubai may not be able to do that without breaking the bank. 
Here’s the list of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai:

Bombay Brasserie
Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at Bombay Brasserie in the heart of downtown Dubai. From the breathtaking views to the variety of options to choose from, this is the perfect dinner spot for you and your loved ones. And that's not all. A vibrant interior restaurant with dramatic art and an open kitchen experience is another reason we should visit. 
Location: Taj, Business Bay

Barbeque Nation 
Barbeque Nation is the perfect place for a family lunch or dinner. The best part of this place is the overall experience and service, which is professional and attentive to the needs of the guests. The buffet restaurant serves many dishes and adheres to the typical grill theme with a grill station located directly on the dining table. 

With a  variety of appetizers and main courses to choose from, people will be content with their choices and find themselves eating a little more than they expected. The dessert section also has several options that people can choose from. In short, barbecue nation is a great choice for families to get together with a variety of healthy foods. 
Location – Ground Floor, Building R1027, Street 3 B, Al Karama, Dubai

Dhaba Lane
With a cozy, New Delhi Esque interior, Dhaba Lane offers some delicious vegetable-friendly dishes in Calama. One of the most popular dishes is the platter thali, which serves a variety of dishes and bread on one plate. The restaurant has a unique culinary style, most of which is accompanied by a welcoming theatrical twist. The choice of cutlery is a bit quirky, but overall the restaurant offers good food and fine theatre. 
Location – 2B Street, Al Karama, Dubai

Mint Leaf Of London
At Mint Leaf Of London, breathtaking views, delicious food, and a wonderful atmosphere await you. Cooking is good to lick with your fingers, but what stands out for their gastronomic offering is the elegant plating style. The food is exquisite and the plating is also very important. The restaurant's highlights are the carefully selected seafood "Chef's Catch", exotic South Indian crab cakes, and Kochi lobster tails. Choose your favorite drink and wash away your meal.  
Location: Level 15, South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC, Dubai.

Maharaja Bohg
No one lives without an Indian thali. India is known for Thali, and Dubai's Maharaja Bohg offers the best Rajasthan Thali in town. The restaurant menu changes every day, so every time you visit, you'll be surprised. Food lovers can enjoy vegetables, dal, rice, roti, desserts, drinks, sweets, and light meals such as rolls and dhokla. 
Location: Ground Level, Hamsah Mall, Next to Ansar Gallery, Al Karama 

My Govinda’s
My Govinda's serves vegan and vegetarian dishes that may not be preferred by everyone, primarily because of their mild taste. But that doesn't undermine the uniqueness of this restaurant. The entire menu revolves around  Ayurvedic moderation principles, which are evident from a limited number of foods, most of which include fresh fruits, lentils, and whole grains. Gastronomically, this restaurant is still missing, but it is genuine and impressed with the overall  Indian cooking experience. 
Location – Ground Floor, City Building, Street 4 A, Al Karama, Dubai

Although restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine are constantly emerging, this post is primarily popular for its easy access and affordability and focuses on restaurants with a specific dish from Indian food.

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