All You Need to Know About Renting in Dubai

All You Need to Know About Renting in Dubai

Dubai is world's attraction in any aspect rather it is beauty or money making opportunities people around the world look for a better stay. Make sure you know what you are looking for and work with a realtor who knows the market and can assist you at every step.

Dubai is a famous spot for universal citizens looking for money-making profession possibilities and a snug lifestyle. Thousands of expats pass to Dubai, seeking their goals. Therefore, this colorful city has an extraordinary desire for residential properties to deal with its evolving population. There are some variations in how the rental marketplace works in Dubai compared to different countries. Therefore, doing all your homework beforehand means that you are better qualified to navigate the system. 

Look at this manual to gawk at the rules for renting an apartment in Dubai.

Seek for Your 'home to be' Online:

When you're thinking of Dubai apartments for rent long term, you could take your search out for units online, starting from spacious 3-bed units, with a few residential regions providing large four and 5-bed room flats. You can evaluate active listings at the property site and shortlist residences primarily based on your unique criteria. Select those that appear maximum attractive to you primarily based on pictures, annual rent, amenities, and location. Get in contact with the concerned person or company and set up a go-to look at your potential new home. 

At this stage, there are two key rules for renting an apartment that you should check for before signing any contracts. First, it is critical to confirm the agent/company's fee for renting an apartment. Second, it is critical to seek RERA-registered firms and agents. Dealing with freelancing agents is prohibited in Dubai since they will be liable for all of your documentation at the closing of the deal.

Scrutinize the Property with Your Eye-glasses On

Once you've scheduled an on-site visit with the agent, go to the area and keep a list of questions to ask. Explore the property as thoroughly as you like. Before signing the rental agreement, openly check all the boxes that are important to you.

  • Things to look for in Dubai apartments for rent long term: 
  • Room area
  • Dedicated parking space. 
  • Security measures 
  • Facilities such as gym and swimming pool. 
  • Distance from the workplace. 
  • Availability of public transport 
  • Inquire for community structures such as markets. 
The other rule for renting an apartment is to ask the landlord to resolve any maintenance issues before signing the lease or include a clause in the lease to do so.

Get Hands-on Your Documents

Once you are done visiting and finalizing your choice, then it’s time to get your hands on your document for Dubai apartments for long-term rent facilities. These are some of the common requirements and documents for renting an apartment in Dubai: 
  • Your valid passport; 
  • Copies of your valid residence visa; 
  • Emirates ID
Make the Offer to Reserve the Property

Once you’re done settling your documents, negotiate the rental amount. The most common way to do this is by bidding on the amount of the cheque. Sometimes landlords agree to reduce the total rent if the cheque amount is reduced. 

The next rule for renting an apartment in Dubai is to clarify details, such as the start of the contract, its duration, and the amount of the deposit. If you want the owner/agent to guarantee the unit to you, you will be required to pay a refundable security deposit that is usually 5% of the rental amount. 

The money or cheque is in the lessor's name but held by the agent until the agreement is completed. Make sure you get a receipt for the deposit. If you later choose to withdraw from the agreement, the agent will hand the cheque to the owner according to their rights. 

Utilities and Bills Rules for Renting an Apartment

Before getting into a lease, make sure that you are clear about the terms. Utilities and other bills vary from place to place, with some apartments being all-inclusive and others arranged so that the lessee pays the bill directly. Often more fully equipped apartments will come with an "all-inclusive" price tag to include utilities and building maintenance costs.
If things like telephone, electricity, and water bills have to be paid by the tenant, the landlord should be able to give you an idea of the average costs before signing the contract. Depending on the type of accommodation, they may also charge you a service fee to cover common areas and the maintenance, security, and management of facilities such as the pool or gym.

Move-in Form for Dubai Apartments to Rent Long Term

Some popular communities in Dubai require tenants to get a relocation permit before occupying the apartment or villa of their dreams. These are available on developer websites and can take up to 5 days to process. Be sure to ask your real estate agent or homeowner if it is necessary and get permission in time to avoid delays. 

Some communities that require a travel permit include Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, The Springs, The Meadows, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, and The Greens. Those moving to an Emaar-developed project can read our post on how to get an Emaar move permit. 
  • It required the following documents for this process. 
  • Copy of passport / Emirates ID 
  • Certificate of payment settlement 
  • Copy of lease agreement 
  • Copy of last unit service charge receipt (from the owner)
It may seem like a baffling task to renting an apartment in Dubai, but it is easy if you follow the steps above and work with a competent real estate agent who knows the market and can help you every step of the way. At Gold Mark Real Estate, we are a diverse company that welcomes those who come to the UAE to pursue their dream. If you are one of these people, contact us now, and we will help you find your ideal apartment.

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