A Complete Guide to Buying an Apartment in Dubai for Foreigners

A Complete Guide to Buying an Apartment in Dubai for Foreigners

Investment-wise, Dubai's real estate market is unparalleled, with a wide variety of homes and luxury properties available for purchase.

Investment-wise, Dubai's real estate market is unparalleled, with a wide variety of homes and luxury properties available for purchase.

Many people consider Dubai an investment opportunity because the government relaxed its restrictions on foreigners purchasing houses and apartments there. Expats might gain a lot from buying a home in Dubai because of the high expected rate of return on their money.

In Dubai, you can choose from a large inventory of residential properties. Single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in Dubai fall under this category. If you are planning to buy a house in Dubai, UAE, you must take out the time to examine the significant accessible possibilities.

Figuring Out Why You Want To Buy a Home in Dubai

Before making a real estate investment in Dubai, one of the most important questions to ask oneself is whether or not one will use the property for personal or investment purposes. Following is an explanation of why it is necessary to record a piece of private property in Dubai.

Buy Investment Property in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most desirable housing markets in the United Arab Emirates, and there are numerous reasons for this. The rental yield, market capitalization, and business transparency are all strong points. Most international residents and workers in Dubai are looking for reasonably priced properties that would yield substantial profits. To buy an apartment in Dubai, Apartments for Rent in Dubai researching the market's current state is an excellent first step.

The Private Acquisition of Real Estate in Dubai

Dubai has grown into an important financial and commercial center in recent decades. The city is currently home to countless expatriates that have migrated from various regions of the world. Many foreign workers in Dubai's blue-collar industries believe that the city's real estate is too expensive.

However, it is no longer the case. Individuals employed or have a business in Dubai are now more attracted to acquiring personal property and not renting it out but also have Apartments For Sale in Dubai. As the government has relived various restrictions on property ownership, the complexity of buying property in Dubai for foreigners has been simplified.

If you plan to make Dubai real estate your permanent home, you should consider the convenience of nearby services like clinics, grocery stores, restaurants, and schools. There are numerous advantages of having a family in a contemporary city like Dubai.

To Look For Dubai Real Estate Listings

If you're looking for a house, condo, or apartment in Dubai, GoldMark Top Real Estate Company in Dubai can help you get the best possible deal.

What Foreigners Should Know Before Buying a Home in Dubai

Where it is Physically Located

These are the factors that you should consider before investing in Dubai's real estate location is critical. Potential apartment or mansion buyers in Dubai would do well to investigate the city's top investment neighborhoods. For instance, Dubai Marina is close to a one-of-a-kind collection of facilities that make it possible for residents to live in comfort.

That's why financiers must keep their eyes peeled for attractive opportunities. It could take some time to track down properties like these. Still, GoldMark Top Real Estate Company in Dubai has already done the legwork for you by compiling a list of the top Dubai real estate in prime locations, sure to earn a healthy return for international buyers.

Examine and Study Market Data

When there are numerous exciting possibilities, settling on a single location can be challenging. It's crucial to do the following before putting money into real estate: conduct market research to determine where your money will yield the highest return.

The latest financial investment trends, forecasts, and patterns may also interest you as a potential investor. Newer investment projects in Dubai could pique the curiosity of investors. The more you know about the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates, the better off you'll be.

Thirdly, the Term of Service

Buying a house in Dubai without thinking about how long you'll be there is a bad idea. This is crucial since it will help you determine the potential worth of your return on investment. However, renting is the best option if you are unsure of your long-term plans or commitment to the UAE.


The price should be among the many essential factors to consider when purchasing a home. Twenty-five percent of a person's monthly take-home pay cannot go toward housing costs. In addition, you should factor in upfront costs to your budget. This might be as much as nine percent of the house's price. If you own property in Dubai, you'll need to keep track of maintenance costs and make annual service payments.

Profits from Renting

Consider the financial benefits of renting out your Dubai home. This will help you determine if the anticipated rental revenue is sufficient to cover the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and repairs costs. In most circumstances, investors' total yield would be between 5% and 9%.

Visa for Permanent Residence

Acquiring a resident visa in the UAE may be possible if you own property valued at least AED 1 million. There will most likely be regulations in place. The United Arab Emirates offers two main categories of permanent residency visas. One is a multi-entry valid for six months. The alternative is to apply for a resident visa valid for two years. It might sponsor families of real estate investors for permanent residency in the country.
Potential expatriates or foreigners in Dubai may be able to secure a residency visa valid for five years or longer by demonstrating ownership of unencumbered property worth at least AED 5 million that they have owned for at least 36 months.

Can foreigners in Dubai also buy homes?

Yes, Expats can purchase property in Dubai.

As there were formerly no regulations permitting foreign ownership of Dubai real estate, foreign nationals were apprehensive about making property purchases in the UAE. Because of this, people living abroad started looking for places to settle down permanently or purchase as investments.

The year 2001, however, marked a turning point. Expatriates from any country are now allowed to legally lease property in some parts of Dubai for 99 years from the local government. In May of 2002, the government issued a rule making it possible for people who were not citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council to own freehold property in Dubai. Foreign nationals can now legally purchase, sell, lease, and rent property in Dubai's freehold areas.

With the decree's original intent to attract foreign investment in Dubai's real estate market and diversify the UAE's most oil-dependent economy, the city has since become a global center of commerce and finance, and its real estate market has continued to flourish to this day.

Foreigners can expect a smooth transaction when purchasing property in Dubai, making this a potentially lucrative business venture. Dubai's real estate investment is attractive due to the city's rising rents and relatively stable property market.

Property Acquisition Costs in Dubai

Purchasing a home in Dubai won't be cheap. You must know all the costs involved in buying a home in Dubai. The correct budgeting of your finances depends on this.

  • A network operations center (NOC) typically costs between AED 500 and AED 5000 per month. Real estate or a real estate developer can receive the money directly. DLD may collect registration fees of around 4 percent of the property's purchase price
  • The real estate agent's commission is almost 2% of the buying price of the home.
  • There may be further charges on top of what we previously discussed. They would be helpful at a property developer's office and the DVDs. Depending on the community or structure you're a part of, you may also have to pay the property developer fees.
  • If you're considering getting a mortgage in Dubai, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many options available to non-Dubai residents. To qualify for a mortgage, the central bank should also take into account the following rules:
  • About 75% of the total value of any real estate investment exceeding AED 5 million can be borrowed by non-residents or expats. However, residents of the United Arab Emirates have access to up to 80% of loan amounts.
  • If a property is valued at AED 5 million or more, buyers can initially borrow around 65% of the total value. Meanwhile, residents in the United Arab Emirates can borrow up to 70 percent of a home's worth.
  • About 60% of the residence's total value can be borrowed by expats who want to invest in or buy a second home.
  • Both foreign nationals and UAE nationals must put down a 50% deposit on off-plan properties.
  • The buyer's monthly debt payments cannot exceed 50% of their gross income.
  • It would be best if you didn't get a mortgage with duration longer than 25 years. Due to the age requirement, this is the case.
  • Non-U.S. nationals can apply for a loan with a maximum amount equal to seven times their annual salary.
Required Documentation

The following items are required to move forward with a property purchase:

Possession of:
  • A current, valid passport
  • Documentation showing that you currently reside at the given address
  • Verification of regular income, such as a pay stub or tax return
  • Verifiable, pristine financial resources
  • Money in the bank or other proof that you can afford the investment
  • Clear a Know Your Customer or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check
Buying a home in Dubai requires that you meet the requirements above.

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