4 New and Upcoming Mega Dubai Development Projects-2022

4 New and Upcoming Mega Dubai Development Projects-2022

One of Dubai's most popular and populated metropolitan cities is famous for its construction and development projects. Explore 4 new development projects

One of Dubai's most popular and populated metropolitan cities is famous for its construction and development projects. And these projects make this city the central hub of investment, trade, business, and commerce. People from all over the world visit the city for its astonishing architecture and high-profile Dubai development projects.
Dubai real estate business is unpredictable and a perfect place for investment. And there are always ongoing development projects, from residential properties to parks, shopping malls, road constructions, and luxurious architecture. In this article, you will find the list of some upcoming mega development projects in Dubai, which will be completed in 2022.
Major Development Projects of Dubai in 2022
It should be noted that the Covid-19 pandemic affected all the development sectors worldwide by giving a break to these projects. But all these Dubai construction and development projects have resumed in 2022. Let's discuss the top projects in the following:

1- Dubai Creek Tower Progress
One of the major ongoing development projects in the Centre of Dubai creek harbour is the construction of the Dubai creek tower. People from all over the world show their interest in top property investments in Dubai for various reasons. And the construction project of this tallest tower in the world will surely grab the attention of tourists and investors worldwide.
The big project of Dubai creek tower includes their linking through the mythological bridges. And it includes vast parking plots in the underground area for the parking of about 900 vehicles. The purpose of these mega projects covering more than one lac square meter area is to boost the tourism sector in UAE.

Dubai creek harbour
2- Royal Resorts and Residences in Atlantis
The royal resort and residences are located near the famous The Palm Resort on the Palm Jumeirah. Expanded on hectares of area, these resorts cost more than 5 billion AED for their construction. Specially designed for the tourists, this spacious resort provides more than 700 guest rooms, 102 suites, and more than 200 luxury residential areas after its completion.
Not only the spacious facilities and area but also this resort will provide a large number of outstanding services. You will be able to enjoy the spa, fine dining restaurants, 90 swimming pools, gardens, kids' parks, a beautiful rooftop over 43 storey resort, and so much more.
The construction companies in Dubai have made the royal resort a wonderful project near the Atlantis resort. And there is a beech between this royal resort and the Palm Resort of Atlantis. So, people staying here can enjoy access to the private beach.
Royal resorts and residences in atlantis

3- Museum of the Future
Dubai development authority made the opening day of the Museum of the Future on February 22, 2022. Dubai is the city of United Arab Emirates which is famous for all types of modern developments in IT and innovations. And this museum is also famous for its technology innovations, use of artificial intelligence technology and digitalized development. 
Like other architectural marvels of Dubai, this museum also has three main parts. These parts include green hill, the great architectural building and the void area. Under its construction, the architecture has used the technology inventions such as robotic arms. The technological robotics installed thousands of pieces into the exterior building of the museum to make it an attractive sight on Sheikh Zayed road of Dubai.

4- District 2020
The ongoing development projects of Dubai real estate have made the city a heaven for people. The ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid are putting their continuous efforts into achieving the most developed city in the world for Dubai. And for this purpose, they are transforming Expo-2022 into District-2022.
Designed for 2020, Expo was delayed to 2021, which occurred recently in 2022 due to a worldwide pandemic. And this year, Expo-2022 included the modern design venue and the activities. The rulers of Dubai don't want to waste the interior setup of the Expo, and it's going to transform into a 15-minutes city with an autonomous route. Moreover, it will include interconnected pathways and a long jogging track with a spacious area for the new business setups. According to the Zawya news, District 2020 acts as a setup to boost the potential of international entrepreneurs and investors. 

district 2020

The Ending Note
The ongoing Dubai development projects and modern construction have transformed a desert area into one of the world's most popular and modern metropolitan cities. And a large number of high profile development projects grab the attention of tourists and real estate investors from all over the world.

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